7 months into toastmasters

I find myself

  1. quickthinking on my feet. A colleague friend obliged with a summary of a design. I appreciated his ‘first talk’. he reminded me of the ‘first critic’ opinion which I moderated with a clap and calling it – here’s your ‘first applause’.
  2. Decimated by KG

Other sketchy things


Trying to speak in 3’s – A friend had ‘Amid Arabian waters’ as a title and I suggested Amid Arabian Aqua.

I was stretch thinking that the power of three can be used to get loquacious. Also we start paying attention when something happens many times. This can be used to make things happen or fight procrastination by planting the second occurence and making things urgent.



Aha Moments from Toastmasters

While understanding a document, I now keep thinking what is a better way of depicting the document. In a weird way, I am understanding, how I understand better.

After a general evaluation, a fellow Toastmaster suggested that I should end strong.

Today while rehearsing my mentee’s speech on meditation, I realized that I was giving her an idea of “framing”. We were talking about meditation apps and she showed me one with a soothing sound that gave  a beep after a minute. We thought if we set the beeper to 5 min, that would start with pleasant bells and a beep towards the end of a speech, that would be a great frame.

Beginning of the speech and the End of the speech are the book ends. Sometimes I like to go meta thinking about various medium. In writing too, the beginning and the end are the entry and exit points, but you can forward or revisit future or earlier paras. with a live speech, you have to go with it as the speech flows.

While printing role sign up sheet for Toastmasters, I found one sheet with entries for 8 weeks. This gives a good template for early signing up for roles. Having the sheet with recent roles filled, it is easier to urge those who haven’t taken many roles or push the ones who have done easier roles to tougher ones.