A while ago, I realized how an evaluation after a speech in toastmasters, when incorporated becomes whole.

Today while thinking about when things go wrong, I was also thinking about the opposite of what things could have been put in place to avoid the problem. And somehow, this seemed to be a panoramic view.

When we are looking at something, what are the other things that we are not looking at?



Problem Solving Compendium

You all know about the pencil that went on space travel to solve a problem.

Million Dollars vs Good problem solving skills


Million Dollars vs Good problem definition

It never hurts to have some good problem solving skills up your sleeve. Some companies these days ask you for a 30 min presentation on a problem you have solved. Now thats an easy problem to solve right.

How to solve a problem

  1. Find Bypass to eliminate problem in a smaller section.
  2. Find the limits of the trend behavior, so it helps to theorize the anomaly.

But how do you define a problem? Would you be surprised if you were told that how you define a problem decides if you solve it or not ?