Selling to Minimalists

An obvious way of selling to Minimalists would be overload a product with multi utility or utility with decoration for the art conscious.

What about perishables or services?

Recently a friend gifted me a moisturising body scrub. When I look at all the other creams and kits that I received as gifts, this one is being used ritually daily. What I realised is that it is a replacement for  mandatory something and not an optional addition to what I already use, that I might be tempted to skip.

Simplifying the process. Like the detergent pods combining many actions at one go.

Collapse a new feature into an existing necessity. Think flavor salts.

Vitamins in gummy bears got it right. One day I was about to lecture my toddler not to have too many at once that was before I checked out what the big deal was about the gummy bears.

How far can you push it?

Require an egg into the cake mix, so the instant bakers dont feel guilty of doing not much from scratch.

Servant Leadership? An oxymoron?

The First Responsibility Of A Leader Is To Define Reality. The Last Is To Say Thank You. In Between, The Leader Is A Servant. – Max Depree


While reading The Bridge to Growth: How Servant Leaders Achieve Better Results and Why It Matters Now More Than Ever by Jude Rake, I came across a reference to Max Depree.

You might have seen Reversing the org chart where the CEO is at the bottom of the chart and the rest of the employees above. Notice your department head, if the org chart is still reversed.



Illuminate: Ignite Change Through Speeches, Stories, Ceremonies, and Symbols

In Illuminate: Ignite Change Through Speeches, Stories, Ceremonies, and Symbols, Nancy Duarte introduces how stories, ceremonies and symbols can be used in your speeches to make them puissant. A tip I learnt from a fellow toastmaster to use synonyms lavishly.

On a side note, I have figured why we have synonyms. Words with frequent usage get overloaded with meaning and might steer the mood to a side. I wanted to express an annoying feeling to a magazine and used pesky instead, hoping that it is not used too much making it more neutral than other such words. You can use the Word usage frequency tool to find out if a word has baggage.

Even through Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature of the book, you see how the author has annotated Howard Schultz’s famous ‘bring back my coffee’ speech with the various kind of climb, leap ceremonies used to rally the employees.

From reading to speaking tone

One only gets to the top rung on the ladder by steadily climbing up one at a time. And suddenly all sorts of things which you thought at first, all sorts of powers, all sorts of abilities which you thought never belonged to you, suddenly come within your own possibility and you think, well, I’ll have a go too.” – Margaret Thatcher

I liked this quote and thought it would make a nice thought for the day for Toastmasters meeting. And then I thought well the quote is long enough that it would justify reading from a note and not rote.

And then I recalled all those steely voices, where words are uttered and sentences stopped to begin the next but the reader is left out. Thinking on these lines, I feel that when it is not a quote, telling the written matter in front of you with your own take and interpreting it on the spot will add uniqueness as well as natural emotion to it.

Try it out and let me know how it works out for you. I will share my experiments too.


Is customer shadowing right for your business?

Lately businesses have started a trend of shadowing their customers to know their problems and how their solutions meet the needs of the customers.

  1. Turbotax employees shadowed self employed to find their difficulties in tracking and logging expenses.
  2. P&G closely observed household behaviors to guide their future investments.

Might your business benefit from shadowing your customers? If it is a lifestyle related product that cannot be captured by your simulated lab setting or a persona, then yes.

Problem Solving Compendium

You all know about the pencil that went on space travel to solve a problem.

Million Dollars vs Good problem solving skills


Million Dollars vs Good problem definition

It never hurts to have some good problem solving skills up your sleeve. Some companies these days ask you for a 30 min presentation on a problem you have solved. Now thats an easy problem to solve right.

How to solve a problem

  1. Find Bypass to eliminate problem in a smaller section.
  2. Find the limits of the trend behavior, so it helps to theorize the anomaly.

But how do you define a problem? Would you be surprised if you were told that how you define a problem decides if you solve it or not ?