The Bridge to Growth

How Servant Leaders Achieve Better Results and Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

Jude Rake provides nine proven principles for a company’s growth.
The author mentions that he has intentionally kept the book short which is great. so much time to implement the principles.
Each chapter has lot of questions that get you thinking about your current situation.
There are as many ‘not to dos’ as much as the ‘to dos’ to work towards your organization’s mission.
The author shows how talent development is a win-win for the company. He also refers to many other books that highlight concepts that have been shown to work at various other organizations. A very handy book to help you chart the course for dynamic strategy during these ever-changing times.
The bullet point format of major portion of the book works very well to start interacting with the book with no time lost in plowing through numerous paragraphs.
Few of my favorites:

Grow leaders and difference makers, not just followers.
Focus the organization on strategic priorities, simplify operations, and accelerate progress.
Champion the people who purchase and use your products and services.
Be the model you want emulated.



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