Great at Work by Morten T Hansen

Its not everyday that someone accepts others work better than theirs. If your author does that, you are in good hands. Its probably this radical self-candor that hooks and connects the reader with Morten T Hansen, author of ‘Great at Work’.

We put a lot of effort into our work. Is there a better way to make that effort go further like the Google’s Larry Page gospel of 10x

Hansen has chosen job design characteristics, skill development, motivation and relational dimensions (with whom and how a person interacts) as  ‘work smart’ factors for his survey. Skill development and motivation is something that we talked a lot about in the Managerial Leadership & productivity course in MBA.  Work scope practice, value creation, quality learning, inner motivation, advocacy, rigorous teamwork and disciplined collaboration were found to be the magical words for increased performance.

Amundsen’s success and Scott’s failure. The refinement of this study highlights the obsess of the ‘do less and then obsess’ in how Amundsen chose the ‘very best’. To understand the obsession of doing something well, you have to watch Jiro dreams of sushi

10000 hours has been challenged many times. For the general public, it is good to know that you can reach perfection faster by incorporating feedback into the loop.

P-squared of Matching passion and purpose can be taken further to Ikigai

or Climb the Purpose Pyramid as shown in the book.

Achievement passion, creative passion, People passion, Learning passion and Competence passion are good buckets when you are trying to resolve what you enjoy most about a work.

Hansen is a collaboration expert as the author of Collaboration: How Leaders Avoid the Traps, Build Common Ground, and Reap Big Results. Understanding of Neuroscience can be a great tool for managers in decision making as evidenced in courses offered by many top  universities. Using Forceful Champion tactics and high-arousal emotions can make you an effective leader.

To make meetings more effective, Hansen’s Fight & Unite is a great way of fostering collaboration. The 2×2 matrix of Good fight Vs Unity can show if you fall into Group think, Anarchy or Fight & Undermine.

As a semi-conductor professional, I was excited to learn about the collaboration process at Agilent technologies.


“Join a training workshop to fuel your passion for personal growth” – Morten T Hansen.

Lorenza Pasetti’s and Padman’s grit is inspiring.

Once you use the smart practices mentioned in the book, you carve time which you can use for achieving work-life balance.

You must have hear of and heeded to find an alternative route to work. While that involved changing your commute, why not find an alternative route of working?


Tie yourself to the mast

Redesign your job


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