One to Many, Many to One

” I remember reading about Emerson having a lazy-susan sort of desk built for himself onto which he kept his several on-going projects going, a desk he could swirl around before him as he wished to work on different pieces of writing. I thought that was funny. But I guess that’s no different than any of us having several files available to us to open or close at will.” – Dara Wier, Interview

To let your imagination work, expand the hidden and see what it would like if everything were called. Translate an image of one world to another.

wiki says codes can be used for brevity. Elaborate the code. In software and programming, we use input cases to understand the code. We live in a brief world. Dara Wier expands a not so showery day as..


white blossoms 

that lead to nowhere

and nothing.

Half the sidewalks

still wet

with what had been

pitiful spring showers.

The other half

not hot enough 

to steam”

In hardware language, you have to define all the cases. Dara Wier’s poetry is so too with language for every case.

Continuing on

Some areas hazed pink with wilting petals.

Some petals stuck on crosswalks.

Some footprints evaporating

in the dead center 

of spring on this spring


Here the first three lines have been shortened to a line from two for emphasis on the some (something).

At first the focus is on the area with petals and then its on the petals on the area.

This switching viewpoint is a great tool for creativity.

some footprints evaporating.. there were people or living beings and the sun is…






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