How to find Purpose?

Recently in a Toastmasters meeting, I was introduced to the concept of reason for being, Ikigai.

I want to compare Ikigai to 5 Questions to help your employees find their inner purpose.

What are you good at is common in both.

What you love of Ikigai is the What do you enjoy at work.

What the world needs of Ikigai is the What feels most useful at work, where the world is the company and it feeling useful to you already factors in that you love doing what you picked.

What you can be paid for of Ikigai is already taken care of in a company setting, when you are the employee of that company.

What creates a sense of forward momentum asks for a long term planning for your career in the office setting, but future in general.

How do you relate to others is to imagine your world both work and beyond.

The infographic in the Ikigai article shows passion, mission, profession and vocation as the intersections of different Venn diagrams of the above concept.

Now you are armed with taking your purpose of being beyond your work into all facets of your life and the world. You can move on to making an impact.

You can use the above framework to find what skills to work on next.

If you have more clarity on your values, you can use values to show the path to purpose.






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