The Best American Essays 2015 (The Best American Series ®)

I randomly started reading The Best American Essays 2015. I liked the middle of the essay on recuperating and then I noted the essay name in mind ‘Strange Days’ and went back to it. I shared it with few friends. Articles have a nice way of interlinking things. After this essay, I could put all the recuperative literature that I read into one folder in my head. Then came the close brush with an accident in My Daughter and God which brings death, old age, life into clear focus. After the miscarriage in Difference maker, I had to find why the mood of the book is so heavy. The anthology has finally grown up. Later when I looked more into the details of the editor, I recognised the ‘Thanksgiving in Mongolia’ essay which explained the leaning of the book.
Its one thing reading the essays in the book, but finding the articles online along with the photos that go with it make it for an altered reading. I like going through the titles of the notable essays that didnt make it and catch a few of them.


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