Math in Minutes: 200 Key Concepts Explained In An Instant (Knowledge in a Flash)

Despite how other reviewers are true about how this book is neither a math pro friend nor a newbie’s, I like the book for opening my mind to think of the spherical rattle toy and think of geodesic. The book introduces a lot of concepts which are not covered in all Math degree courses. And if your Math has fallen into disuse after years of learning it, this book is a fun way of looking at math in some of everyday objects. Until now pigeonholes were a sweet memory of childhood of a corner shop with hidden goodies in each and now its a theory which can lead you to humorous conclusions if applied in everyday life involving large number of people and limited possibilities. I have been looking at the Green tao Theorem and thinking of a way to show a similar pattern in poetry.
Because of the size of the book, I like to take a look at a page along with its creative picture and learn a new thing each day.


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