The first time I took up arrow and bow was at a resort in Kulu Manali in India. I realised that it was fun and I might have been good at it too.

The Master said: The junzi does not compete. Yet there is always archery, is there not? They mount the dais bowing and yielding, they descend and toast one another. They compete at being junzis!”

The Master said: The rule, “In archery, penetrating the target is not the object,” reflects the fact that men’s physical strengths differ

Arjuna . Karna. He can only see the eye of the bird.

I can only see the bird of the eye

Ekalavaya. Dronacharya

At Kulu Manali resort, when I tried archery, I realized I liked it. I tried the shooting range. You could say it’s the same aiming skills but it was something about the openness. I was stressed at the range but not outdoors.

An archery club hopes to “expand interest in outdoor sports”. According to the club, Archery can be pursued as a leisure activity, competitive or in hunting. Gonciarz, the founder of the club brings an important point to bearing that this game is different than most others, because you compete with yourself in archery. It also teaches physics.

St Peter’s Primary School used archery lessons to teach students maths

With archery classes, some schools are becoming destination schools.

Addington in his “Aspirin Buster”, splits an aspirin pill into two by aiming the bow from his back.




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