Innovative products

Loreal’s UVsense wearable for tracking your exposure to UV rays is going to dbeut at CES 2018.

UVeband is a band that is a timer that alerts you to reapply your sunscreen. It also vibrates every 15 min, so you know its working. It is like the Toyota maintenance lights that go on first so you know that they are functioning.

UV beads can be used to detect UV rays.

This UV Atmospheric Light Meter was done by David B. Whyte, PhD, Science Buddies

Why I am not surprised that apps could do it long before? I need a quote on apps to capture this. This is the appogee (sic). Sun safety apps for UV Index

Shade UV Sensor

Sunlight exposure assessment: can we accurately assess vitamin D exposure from sunlight questionnaires? How about a Vitamin D monitor?


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