Stone & Beam

Stone & Beam is a furniture line from Amazon along with its more affordable Rivet.

With the two lines, Amazon will cater to both customers willing to splurge more to express themselves as well as those who are looking for plain utility or for small space solutions.

Stone & Beam offerings on Amazon means that it comes with Prime member benefits of free shipping and 30 day free returns. If you are wondering about the speed of the delivery, if its not the 2 day, you are accustomed to with Amazon but its neither the 6 week that is normal in furniture industry. A week is a right time to have the anticipation benefit of waiting for new things to arrive.

Investorplace wonders if  Ikea is the Next Victim in, Inc.’s Headhunt?

Daniel Kline mentions in Amazon is coming for the furniture industry article that “Not every private label will work, but Wayfair has shown that there’s a stronger-than-you-would-expect market for furniture that people are buying without actually seeing it or sitting on it. ”

In Contemporary Marketing book, Boone & Kurtz have said that “Leading Manufacturers such as Westinghouse, Armstrong Rubber and Heinz generate ever-increasing percentages of their total incomes by producing goods for sale under retailers private labels”

There is the allure of brand value showing up in your balance sheet and the surveys which show that 50% of in-store purchases are private labels.

Stone & Beam will soon join this Amazon private label  chart.







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