Branding High tech products

What high tech managers need to know about brands

As an engineer,  we can rattle off features of a product eg low power mode. But its a marketer who talks about the benefit  eg. long battery life, from one or more features of the product. A marketing text book will tell you that in this narrowing bubble tree, at the top are some emotions. In this case, of having things under control.

And still we havent reached the apex of the features to customer’s core peak. We are only at Level 3.

Level 4 involves the ‘value’ that customers capture. In the HBR article, the author refers to the value for a typical ‘loyal’ customer. Here’s where David Aaker helps us understand how this loyalty is attained (tangere – touch) through brand again and again.   “Far more than a name and logo, [a brand] is an organization’s promise to a customer to deliver what the brand stands for not only in terms of functional benefits but also emotional, self-expressive, and social benefits.”

In Larry Light’s pyramid, Level 5 is the ‘essential nature and character of the brand.’

During undergrad, I was very taken with ‘BlauPunkt’. BlauPunkt I was told, stands for Blue Dot, a sign of quality of the product.

If your tech brand is not there yet, you can tell your Marketing Manager, that making the brand is the winning aspiration.

Your teams should change from New product Development to New Promise Development.







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