The Empowered Manager by Peter Block

Recently there was a video on how you have to be willing to do politics to become a CEO.
To lead yourself, you need inspiration and motivation but to lead others, you translate the same requisites to a vision that can be shared by all.
In this path of magnification from self to an organization, you can take the bureaucratic cycle or the entrepreneurial cycle. There is a good deal of comparison in each of the two kinds of organizations – tactics used, state of the members in terms of dependency.
In a change situation, when the CEO’s orders are not followed – ‘Even people at the top are in the middle’ serves as a caution to the leaders who dont take charge. I recently learned about ADKAR (Awareness Desire Knowledge Ability Reinforcement) with regards to Change management. The Desire of ADKAR is chimed in the ‘change from the top down happens at the will and whim of those below’. The third important realization that the author Peter Block had about power and empowerment is ‘The power of boss is asymmetrical’. I love this simple few words statement and the depth it has when Block explains that the power is two way but not equally contained or released. It is in these many moments of clarity throughout the book, that you find gems of knowledge worth storing and referring to when situations arise.
And some are worth remembering often, for example – how easy it is to get carried away with over planning for your high performer. Block is hopeful that you can turn your other employees into high performers simply by having higher expectations and not writing them off.
Examples of Vision statements of different companies like Bath Inn Works, Greatness for LS &Co.
Poetic language and metaphors are encouraged to be included in these important statements.
Trust and Agreement Matrix with Adversaries, Opponents, Allies, Bedfellows and the aptly named Fence Sitters.
Dependency Profiles – Rescue, Look good, Be pleasing, Withdraw, Rebel, Be aggressive, Be formal, Be rational. Which is yours?
Flowcharts at the beginning of a chapter foreshadow the material being covered.
This book being about positive political skills, here even ‘managing your boss’ (often a word of advice) receives a word.


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