The Mathematical Corporation

With Machine learning, you can now answer ‘What products or services can we create that will launch entirely new industries?’

“The mathematical corporation will change not only how you think about strategy but also how you run the back office, how you recruit and retain talent, how you identify customers and clients, how you work with suppliers and partners, how you develop new products.”

“Scientific leaders do not excel because of how much they know but because of how much they inquire about what they dont know”

“Its incumbent on you to be the asker of critical questions. The machine will never come up with provocative questions” – David Rose, CEO of Ditto Labs.

“the task of taking a cause-and-effect understanding of a business system and crafting a strategy from it remains a people job”

“Imagination demands not just interpolation or extrapolation but invention”

“The creativity comes in figuring out the most advantageous fit”










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