Magical age of 12 years

And as soon as I discovered the internet, maybe at 12 years old or so, that fundamentally changed my world view, – Aaron Levie, Box.

Around that time I was introduced to Thesaurus, Creative writing. That passion has stayed with me.

So open to the wonders of the world.

Blue Strawberry

I want my daughter to be a Blue Strawberry.

And What I mean by that is that she be a blue strawberry in a sea of red strawberries.

That she differentiate herself by thinking differently, not necessarily of herself.

I want to wish her a Good High School teacher who will realise her unique talents.

A High School teacher like mine. My English teacher.

She fostered my creativity.

What is Creativity?

Creativity is using your imagination to come up with new ideas.

And if you are crazy like Edison and fail 1000 times or super crazy like Dyson and fail 5000 times and then you succeed, it is called Innovation.

For Creativity to flourish we need 3 things

  1. Opportunities
  2. Encouragement
  3. Rewards


In an English Homework, I had referred to a crowd as ‘vanar sena’. Vanar means monkey. Sena means soldiers.

I got this metaphor from a reading in Hindi homework where a crowd getting of the train in Calcutta was referred to as being Vanar sena. The writer went further to state that you didnt have to board the train, the crowd would make sure you would. That was the opportunity.

My English teacher recognized that and took extra care in my creative development. She introduced me to Thesaurus. She worked with me on Essay writing in school as well as Interschool competitions. That was the encouragement

We won prizes. It instilled a confidence that this was my thing. This was just the beginning rewards.

Even in undergrad, there was a Creative Writing competition where I didn’t know what I was going to write on.


I won the prize. What was even better was when I narrated to my friends of all the things I wrote in that essay.

I kept the flame going, reading books in the library when possible through library. I enjoyed reading Oscar wilde with a friend who was into theatre. Finding like-minded people provides a good impetus to your chosen activity.

I took on the writer persona and the frustration that comes with writers block.

I plowed through it. I looked forward to travel as ways to describe and kickoff writing.

I even wrote an essay called ‘Class’ looking at my sixth grade class through my teachers eyes.

And then dreams, the deep well of human imagination.

I kept writing diaries and then would come a time when I had to tear them up, the times of purging.

There is a joy that comes with creating, writing something new, making a poem.

Fabric of life gets so much richer.

Writing is exceptional in that you are cajoled, prodded, forced to read. You get two activities at one. Enough for a lifetime.

I remember a story from Tinkle Magazine

There used to be an old inn owner. He hardly had any visitors. He then named his place seven bells but only had six painted. The mathematicians all stopped by to show his ways of error and the owner counted the money




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