The Influencer’s Progress

Once the writing bug hits you, before you realize you are deep into books, reading.
Thats the entry fee to become an author.
But how do you reclaim the leadership to hold an audience with your writing? Each one of you might have a different expectation for what your audience size can/should be. How do you go about it?
Jeffrey Davis has successfully balanced the creative/poet life with a leader/influential life.
This book ‘Write to Lead: 10 Kickstart Actions to Shape, Ship, Broadcast Your distinct Message’ works for both artists as well as anyone with a message to convey.
The author provides good examples of thought leaders who have shined in certain areas of influence. With these, he shows you how it is important to define areas that you want to impact. Some things that stuck with me – ‘Take your true Stance’, ‘consider its Purpose’, ‘Comment and Add to the big Picture’
Following his point formula will provide a structure to your captivating your audience journey.


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