Shiftability: Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Selling

In 2013, there was an article Busting the Myth of Sales Disintermediation

Fastforward to 2017 with its The Disintermediation of Sales. Its here, the disintermediation of sales.

With the internet, “57% of a typical purchase decision today is made before a customer even talks to a supplier”. This is so different from the times when the salesperson was the know-it-all and USP (unique selling point) was the Mantra. In The Marketing complex Giles Lury questions the science behind USP.

You see the time’s ripe for change in accepted beliefs and mindsets.

Like the bamboo reacting to the wind, like the water tracing nook and cranny or eroding the rocks, authors Mitch Little and Hendre Coetzee show the readers how ‘Shiftability’ mindset is the need of the hour as well as of the times to come.

“So be like water: be curious, connect,create value, increase the possibility and get business” – Shiftability, Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Selling, Mitch Little & Hendre Coetzee

Keeping the good of the old habits while picking up new ones is in line with Stop, Start and Continue of Think One Team. The readers are asked to assess their limiting behaviors.

‘What Else’ and inquiry based listening are useful tools in any industry. There are many examples in the book shared by Mitch as to how he won big business by being more resourceful and empathetic.

Shiftability is a client centric book that makes you see in which role you can make a difference to your clients. With progress in your roles, you are not a mere product seller or even a solutions provider but trusted advisor or insight provider.

Each chapter also comes with questions that enable the new Shiftability mindset as well as actions.

Off you go to creating ‘Personalized Insight’ by managing the simplicity, complexity and the tension in the business world.


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