Chipmunk & Earthworm

While looking up to find an answer to my preschooler’s question: ‘why Earthworms are small?’, I came upon this National Geographic reader’s picture. I didnt realise that chipmunks eat earthworms.

When you seen an unexpected image, it can be a great inspiration. When Nat Geo invites you to receive their best animal pictures each day, I could not deny the offer.

Somewhere in the searches, I read about a rat and toad eating earthworms. I looked up some images, but nothing worth sharing. I guess they have to be cute too like this squirrel. At Greer Cabin, we found a squirrel settle on a rock lining the tiny garden in the front yard, in this exact same pose. It appeared the next day too.

I first chanced upon Dave earthworm as the biggest in UK. Must be the common earthworm. There are bigger ones in other parts of the world. Giant Earthworms of the Karoo

and Giant Gippsland Earthworm.


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