Think One Team

An imaginary company selling jelly beans needs to get its act together.

Over the course, one of the concepts introduced is Technical Challenge Vs Adaptive Challenge

This is the break through where the team realises that they face complex, adaptive challenges which requires a one team mindset.

The author Graham Winter, introduces Align – Collaborate – Learn loop that he has used successfully for decades.


Image Courtesy: Think One Team book by Graham Winter

United Leadership Team index shows how you can implement the one team mindset by sharing load, status and both the wins and losses.

The 5 things to share in the United Leadership Team index are correlated to the Align – Collaborate – Loop stages.

Fast Accountable Small Teams (FAST)

are shown as  a great way to break silos. I liked how the team sat together and realised their priorities as Achievement – Development- Enjoying- Partnering.

Sky, Ground Quadrant moving from Linear/Technical to Adaptive/Complex challenges illustrates what change leaders need to keep in mind, as they solve various problems.

Stop, Start, Continue is a great exercise. The answers to that What will get the organization back on the track and keep it there.


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