Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

This was our tabletopic at Toastmasters meeting.

A tip I learned about impromptu speaking is to practise in your head, what would you say if you had to speak on the subject.

The speaker said lots of good things.

The first thought that came to my mind was to advise that many customers have asked about how many can they use up in a day. As a salesman, I could then say that our doctors have tested and found that it is ok to have 5 tubes a day.

I found this topic to be a great example to show how you could use different sales tactics.

Our packaging senses that you are ready for brushing your teeth, when you are close to the bathroom counter. It lights up, so you can easily find it even if you are still groggy.

Getting the last bit out

Our patent squeeze technology will save you the hassle of trying to get the last yummy bit out.





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