AI for photographers

While reading Nikon D3400 for dummies by Julie Adair King, I was wondering if AI can be used to suggest good compositions for photo, nipping bland photos in the bud.

If you are not a barista, then you know how difficult it is to make latte art. But imagine, if you could get your photo in the latte art, much like the print frosted cakes.  Photofunia makes just that and so much more fun photographs possible. Very Creative.

How about some help in making the photos well. AI has been used by the following companies to help you dump bad pictures, critique pictures (of you dont understand the scale), rate pictures (scale 1-10, historical pictures too), adjust settings for better pictures.

1. Picturesqe uses AI to help professional photographers cut through the dross

An excerpt from the article –

“Picturesqe is aimed strictly at professional and semi-pro photographers, along with photo enthusiasts, which Szollosi describes as photographers using interchangeable lens cameras (DSLR). “[We’re] not targeting the casual or smartphone photographers for now, maybe at a later stage,” he says.”

2. Keegan is an Online A.I. Photo Coach Who Critiques Your Photos

Keegan provides you feedback on background, lighting and composition.

3. Arsenal


“Arsenal’s Smart Assistant uses state of the art AI to choose the best settings for each shot. By looking at the scene you’re shooting, its AI can search a database of thousands of photos to choose the best settings. It then refines those settings using 18 different factors. The result is the perfect settings, no matter what you’re photographing.”

4. Everypixel Aesthetics Uses A.I. to Rate Your Photo’s Awesomeness

We still need something that provides the photographer’s eye. May be as we take a picture, it should suggest how much to zoom in or out and may be even show the picture would look in each case.


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