Selling to Minimalists

An obvious way of selling to Minimalists would be overload a product with multi utility or utility with decoration for the art conscious.

What about perishables or services?

Recently a friend gifted me a moisturising body scrub. When I look at all the other creams and kits that I received as gifts, this one is being used ritually daily. What I realised is that it is a replacement for  mandatory something and not an optional addition to what I already use, that I might be tempted to skip.

Simplifying the process. Like the detergent pods combining many actions at one go.

Collapse a new feature into an existing necessity. Think flavor salts.

Vitamins in gummy bears got it right. One day I was about to lecture my toddler not to have too many at once that was before I checked out what the big deal was about the gummy bears.

How far can you push it?

Require an egg into the cake mix, so the instant bakers dont feel guilty of doing not much from scratch.


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