Electric Handcycle for Electric Wheelchair Conversion

Wheelchair Conversion shows a nifty way of converting a manual wheelchair to Electric one with the removable Electric Handcycle attachment.

In terms of product design, moving from A to A+B=C is a great way instead of having to throw away A and move onto C. Much like the scooty to tricycle transition in product design, maintaining mobility all through.


How to reduce rising health costs in US?

Reverse Innovation in Health Care: How to Make Value-Based Delivery WorkReverse Innovation in Health Care: How to Make Value-Based Delivery Work by Vijay Govindarajan

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With Social Hearts and Business brains.

I had no expectations when I began the book in terms of content but wanted to be informed of whats happening in health care. A little while into the book, I realised that I read an article by the authors in HBR on reverse innovation.
But when I saw the picture of a pocket ultrasound machine, the concept of making things for less hit home, similar to Musk’s question of how much should a rocket cost?
I have heard of Aravinda Eye Hospital and LV Prasad Eye Institute but not of Narayana Hrudayalaya. The book goes into great detail of how the chosen hospitals in India are able to provide great service at a fraction of international cost.
How can that be brought to US? There are already some institutions in partnership with learning from the above. Ascension, Iora Health, UMMC and other are examples that have been dealt in a very interesting fashion to make the reader understand what stops the US health care from innovating. Did you know of the certificate-for-need that needs to done before a new health center can show up?
There is an element of suspense with the HCCI, if the practices in india stand to the test of the Western model.
The book ends with a set of recommendations and questions to reduce the healthcare costs in US. It was revelatory to read that GM has to add more than a grand to the cost of the car, so they can maintain the rising health cost for their pensioners.

I learned a lot in terms of innovations.

How a toymaker made a voicebox for $1 possible for Throat Cancer patients? The innovator, Dr Vishal Rao shared a History channel programme on the Artificial Voice Box .

Kanav Kohal’Swasthya Slate , A Medical Device That Can Conduct 33 Diagnostic Tests in Just 45 Minutes.

Aurolab brought down the price of the intraocular lens down to a tenth of international prices.

I would recommend this book to all the people in healthcare, those interested in knowing the role of health coaches in keeping the costs down, cross-industry innovation, economies of scope, hub and spoke model for task-shifting.


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Reverse Innovation in Healthcare

How are health costs and mortality rate lower at Narayana Health in Bangalore?

“Today’s health-care costs add an estimated 15% to the cost of every American-made automobile”. I had to understand where this came from. I searched for “how health care costs add to automobile costs” and came up with For General Motors, health care costs add $1,525 to the price of every car that leaves the lot which led to a detailed ratio of fixed costs that GM has to pay for approximately 2 retirees for every employee that it has to support. For every vehicle GM produced in 2004, the company spent $1,525 on health care and $675 on pension costs.

Although the startling statement makes the point, it could be true for every product that is made that a percentage of the cost is due to health costs.

How are other auto companies dealing with this?

There seems to be a book for everything. Stop Rising Healthcare Costs Using Toyota Lean Production Methods: 38 Steps for Improvement.

There is a lot of talk about Reverse Innovation but this is the visual that makes it real for a person. The machine above is GE’s pocket ultrasound machine. Compare that to the ultrasound machine that you are accustomed to at the doctor’s office.

Delivering World Class Healthcare Affordably

Other Reverse Innovation examples – Aliva crackers from Pepsi and Naturella from P&G in Mexico, Harman

HCG’s Cyberknife is a “robot that not only tells where the tumour is, but also where it is in relation to the breathing cycle. ”

Amaryllis surgical drapes and gowns for one third the cost,

Daily Profit and Loss statement. Narayana Health working out insurance for dairy farmers.

Portable Schiller ECG machines

3nethra that reduces the number of tests and equipment needed for many eye checks.

Medical Oxygen


Supply Chain Management For Dummies

Supply Chain Management For Dummies by Daniel Stanton

Supply Management is all about having your cake and eating it too.

The tips are very helpful. For example looking at a higher priced supplier for a small volume as your insurance policy.

Risk management is shown as a major way of capturing value in uncertain times.

Ayer’s 5 Tasks of Supply Chain

MIT Scenario Planning Toolkit

System Dynamics by Jay Forrester

Insightmaker for a custom system dynamics model.


Agile Scrum

Agile Scrum: Your Quick Start Guide with step-by-step instructions

by Scott M Graffius

Agility is needed at all levels of strategy, supply chain management as well as product development.

Scrum is an agile framework which focuses on velocity and continuous improvement.

Graffius provides a quick introduction to the whole process of Scrum starting with vision, product goals, product backlog, scrum planning, daily scrum, scrum review, restrospective and so on.

There is a colorful, engaging graphic that shows all these above steps and its prerequisites and details which makes an entry at the beginning of every chapter.

Each chapter has a neat list of things involved at each step. No big paragraphs, just the essentials. It is very conducive to application. This book is the notes you would make after reading a manual sort of book.

The book has just enough pages to give you all you need to start off with scrum. You have to appreciate the lean book.

I am not surprised that it is an award winning book.

To know more about the book, visit Agile Scrum Guide