What if your GPS warned you to fuel up

before you begin your trip or plan for a stop in the middle.

A friend is back from the vacation. Whats a vacation without a story. He went on a long desolate road, the less taken one and found that he was on the ‘E’ sign on fuel with no gas station in sight. The one he found didnt have it working.

What if when he had put this far flung location in the GPS and Jill (an another friend named her GPS so..) told you that you better fuel up, before ticking off that bucket list item of a rare place.

GM’s Volt GPS will show you the option of gas stations when you are low on fuel. when we need it really, we are not going to be near an oasis. If you could use a GPS device with ports for connecting with the car’s own fuel sensor, then you would know if you are making a wise choice in terms of refueling.

How fuel indicator works? A bird-watching friend told me that the the fuel tank showed empty suddenly. She was on a slope. Used to be a problem with old cars.

Two actually – ” If the car loses its fuel supply on a hill when the tank is only one-eighth full, then all you need is a new, redesigned fuel pickup tube and fuel pump.But if the problem occurs when the tank is half full, which is your case, then the entire fuel tank will have to be replaced.”

The concept of “The Camry gasoline tank has a small tank inside the main gasoline tank” is interesting too.