Corporate Finance

Current Ratio in Finance, is a way of knowing how your current assets fare compared to your current liabilities. If you dont want to factor in the clearing off inventory, you look at Quick Ratio.

Quick Ratio will tell you if your current assets are inventory heavy.

Should you pay off a loan or build up reserves?

Here’s a good prioritization of building wealth over paying off debt.

Should you buy the next shiny thing?

At least wait until your current ratio is greater than uno.


Debt-to-Equity ratio

According to the HBR article, this is one of the things you should look at before taking on a new job.

Managers can use Debt-to-Equity ratio to gauge if their future money hungry project will be entertained or not.

Each industry has its range of Debt-to-Equity Ratio.

Interest Coverage Ratio

Average Collection Period

Percentage of sales method Financial forecasting




Five Stars by Carmine Gallo

I had Carmine Gallo on my writer’s radar. As soonas this book ‘Five stars’ came along, I was happy to know ‘The communication Secrets tp get from Good to great’. I am a Toastmasters, hence my obvious interest in improving communication skills.
The author shares the formula of successful Hollywood movies and how the geniuses like steve Jobs, Da Vinci and Picasso have unlocked their best ideas. Communication skills is athe most valuable skill as perceived by the Master of Money, Warren Buffet.
How great speeches by forefathers of the nation have been in simple words using less than high school grade level words. Hemingaway app.

The power of stories, Aristotle’s persuation through ethos, pathos and logos,
The analogy used by LinkedIn, the logline of Google, Indra Nooyi’s Follow your Dream,
Beat the Greet, Dream Big

How 12 year old Alexa Cousin got her pet with Aristotle’s persuasion formula.

Using the knowledge learned in the book, on the book:
Setting – With AI and increasing computing abilities, human abilities like communication relegated to soft skills until now are very essential going forward. many professions now depend on persuasion. Using the techniques of many geniuses, astrophysicits, orators and creative artists we can crack the communication code.
Did the author sell his book with personal stories? There was a reference to his books Talk like Ted and The Storyteller’s Secret.


Morning Games Hope-Board Game Strategy

Morning Games Hope-Board Game Strategy

Its Year 5341. Imagine!!

Mankind faces the deadliest threat. Will you be able to stop the regression despite the traitor in your ship and take humanity to Terraform planets?

Are you the Hope? Human Organization to Preserve Existence for the humanity.

Hope too started on Kicstarter like Pixie QueenDale of Merchants 2A study in Emerald Game and DreamWars Board Game.

Drei Hassen Pelican Bay Strategy Board Game

Drei Hassen Pelican Bay Strategy Board Game

If you can buy an Island like Richard Branson, thats great if not how about building the pelican bay into an exotic place which will attract the blue pelicans.

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Game Brewer Pixie Queen Board Game Strategy

Game Brewer Pixie Queen Board Game Strategy

Pixie Queen too started on Kickstarter.

Pixie Queen is a worker placement game.

Pure worker placement games like Caylus are more challenging than hybrid worker placement games like Agricola according to Matt Casey.

” Offer the tyrant Queen what she wants or suffer her wrath!”


Save 18.0% on select products from Schmidt with promo code 18BOARDGAMES, through 5/21 while supplies last.