Natural language Processing

How to get into Natural Language Processing?

Speech and Language Processing (3rd ed. draft)


Unleashing the innovators by Jim Stengel

Jim Stengel has provided both the good and the bad of working with startups to infuse innovation into mature companies in his book ‘Unleashing the Innovators: How Mature Companies Find New Life with Startups’.
I was reading this book for a break from studying for an MBA course ‘Management of Innovation’. I was also looking for a topic for final project for the course. It all fell in place after reading about Airware.
Many interesting examples of upcoming companies are covered. Not all partnerships are success. Thats where the book rises to a level with its lessons on how successful as well as unsuccessful partnerships look. GE Cardiogram is a great example of product innovation with local strengths in mind, where a bus ticket generator machine was used.
There is an ‘Unleashing the Innovators’ Company Assessment at the end. The Global partnership study shows survey of many details regarding companies partnering for strategic alliance.
Stengel has also added some literary nuggets here and there as apt quotations.

The Wonder Wall: Leading Creative Schools and Organizations in an Age of Complexity

The Wonder Wall: Leading Creative Schools and Organizations in an Age of Complexity

The description of the book “The Wonder Wall: Leading Creative Schools and Organizations in an Age of Complexity” says
You’ll learn how to:
• Tap the creative and leadership potential in everyone
• Think bigger by moving from a deficit model of thinking to a strengths-based approach
• Develop the lost arts of listening and storytelling to optimize learning
• Handle the inevitable pushback and fear that transformational change can bring

I am a big fan of Creativity. I was fortunate to find an English teacher who like one of the teachers in the book said that I should write an essay at the age of 25. I wrote this down in my diary as write a ‘book’ at the age of 25. Since then my haunted journey to be a literature person along with studying for science has been fun.
I took home many references from this book regarding the importance of communication and story telling in developing empathy. I liked the little details of how teachers made the classes fun and interactive with personalization, breaking up bicycle rims to teach trigonometry.
Genius Hour is a great way of bringing Google’s 20% time to the classroom for innovation. Hayden’s Rubik cube is a great example of what students are capable of if left to discover the world by themselves.
At the end of the book is a checklist for making sure we have the environment for creative learning to happen. If you are further interested in Creative Learning, learn How to Make every Grade Kindergarten . There is a free course Learning Creative learning from MIT.